5 Benefits You Can Get from Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a thorny plant that has been of great interest to traditional medicine practitioners and modern medical researchers. Have you ever wondered why an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are producing supplements that contain tribulus terrestris extracts? This article will mention five reasons for you to take tribulus terrestris supplements. Tribulus terrestris can

3 Tips for Excellent Digestion

Every day, your body needs to produce energy for you to get your tasks done. How does it do so? The answer lies in the food that you eat. Without food, your body cannot work. Without food, you die. The process of digestion is thus invaluable in ensuring that you live a long and healthy

Triphala and Stress Management

Are you stressed? If you are, don’t worry! You are not alone in your struggle. All of us, regardless of our social status and occupation, have things in life that keep us feeling strained. It may be that you have deadlines to beat, clients to please, or endless errands to attend to. Maybe your landlady

What You Should Know About Strokes

Every 40 seconds, one person suffers a stroke, and every four minutes, someone dies of it. Each year, roughly 800,000 individuals experience a stroke. In the United States, this type of cardiovascular disease is the fifth among its top killer diseases and is the leading cause for cases of adult disability in the country. An

Cook to a Person’s Heart

Some say that the way to a man’s or woman’s heart is through his or her stomach. If we know how to make a good meal, it can be one of the reasons for the person we like to like us back. Well, that is understandable since everyone loves good food. And when we know

How to Effectively Lose Weight in the Healthiest Ways Possible

I think for most of us the question “how to lose weight naturally” is one of the biggest problems that plague our lives. Everyone is looking for that right magic potion that will simply make the fat disappear. But, losing weight is not that easy. It takes some will power and perseverance. With the right

Yacon Syrup and Weight Loss

The majestic Andes Mountains is the world’s longest mountain range. Its reach is from the whole west coast of South America: from Cape Horn to Panama. Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela: these are the seven countries that are covered by the Andes Mountains. In Spanish, the Andes Mountains is called Cordillera de

Why Resveratrol Is Worth A Try

There is one common thing that you can find in plants such as eucalyptus, lily, and spruce. It is the same thing existing in foods like groundnuts, mulberries, strawberries, and blueberries. However, it is more known to be found in red wines and grape skin extracts. Furthermore, it is proven to have a lot of

Losing Weight Doesn’t Have to be Burdensome

So sick of doing crunches and avoiding your favorite high-fat, high-calorie goodies, yet it feels like you’re not losing any ounce of fat at all? Or do you feel like it takes a flying pig before you could lose some weight? Yes, losing weight is never an easy task, it sure does take some work.

TriphalaChurna: An Efficient Remedy for Weight Loss

No matter what we do in our life, having a good health has always been our top priority. Therefore, it is essential that we take some additional health supplements to maintain and be away from various diseases. The good news is that Triphala Churna is here, which is one of the most useful health supplements